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Always have these essential when purchasing a toy of any kind. These three items are an essential to keeping your new enhancement toy at tip top shape and as long as you take care if it, it will take care of you. Antibacterial Cleaners are a must because they will get rid of all the germs and bacteria before and after use. Soap and water has drying effects and could ruin the material and it could cause drying and possible small tears which could lead to bacterial buildup. Lubes are perfect to provide ultimate slip, and aloe based and water based are the only types of lube that you should use with a toy, especially silicon. Storage is important. Keep toys in a cool and dry place. Satin and Cotton wick moisture away so you toy can stay fresh and clean until the next use. Always practice safe sex.

Tip: Always take batteries OUT of the toy to prevent any kind of battery leakage that would ruin your toy. 

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